Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Outlet trip

So, it's Tuesday and my PC is off with Compucom. Blah, blah HDMI port died on my laptop. It's lunch time during training and no PC means no catching up on emails, but it does mean blogging from my phone! Yay for you.

Since I have "clothes" in the title of my blog, it's about time I do some clothes posts. In hindsight, it probably should be cookies, cardio and coffee. Side note,
one day, at my old job, we planned a "fun day" where we gave put random things that started with a C and didn't tell them why. It started with cereal and chocolate milk, we did candy cigarettes, cap guns, Chinese finger traps, chicken fingers and Creed CDs. There was talk of clymedia but thankfully no one had that to give.

Alright, what did I get at the outlet mall? Let me tell you, I LOVE when people post pictures of their hauls. Either on Black Friday or from the grocery store, I seriously love it. 

As I was taking my poorly lit bedroom pictures, I was proud that stripes only made an appearance twice but I've apparently gravitated towards green this season. Huh, I'm usually more mustard this time if year.

I was pretty successful at Loft, Talbots and NY and Co. It was odd, I usual strike out at NY and Co and Banana didn't have anything. I always have a hard time walking out of Banana Republic empty handed, not this day.

First up, this sweater - top from Loft. It's a pretty real color and the arms and back are sweater material and the front isn't. Hard to explain but really cute on. I think I'm going to pair with a black skirt or pants.
This was $20 off and I got a Medium

I wandered into Talbots on a whim and found this dress marked down on the 60% rack. I think it ended up being $32. I got this one in an 8 petite which I'm definitely not. Talbots sizes things for people built like Bea Arthur and their regular skirts come mid calf on me. They're also generous in their sizing (and this dress stretches). I'm wearing it now with a black cardigan and a chunky black necklace. BTW, I'm on the lookout for a chunky sparkly necklace. If anyone has a suggestion, let me know.

Navy pants from Talbots because I've been looking for a pair for WEEKS. Got these in a 10-curvy (which I am) and they were also 60% off. Yay!

Super cute polka dot skirt from NY and Co. I'm not usually a fan of pencil skirts but Kev said this was a yes. I got the 10 because it's a pencil and this gal has hips.

Kev wasn't a fan of this shell but I think it'll be super cute with black pants and a 
Black cardi. Or some other neutral colors. I ended up with a Large in this one and I think it was 40% off.

I have a love hate relationship with the Loft right now. They vanity size and I know and ignore that fact. I can buy 8s there and keep up the facade. However, I'm looking at more blouse-type shirts and everywhere else I need a large. Not here. At the Loft I'm swimming in a large and the mediums are tight in the hips. Grrrr. I know, lose those 10 pounds and it won't be an issue. 

This top I did end up with the medium and it was 25% off. Cute colors for the fall.

NY and Co had a special on cardis, $19. I ended up with the emerald green one in a Medium.

Finally, the blouse I got from the Limited last week. It's black and blush strips and there are tiny polka dots all over it. Super cute and 40% off. I also got $25 in Limited Cash to use later. :)

That's all for me as my haul! 

Have a great Tuesday!

Outlets, yay or nay?
Love or hate vanity sizing?


  1. I LOVE outlet shopping... last time I went I made out like a bandit at Talbot's. I actually think I need to do some shopping soon... time to update my work wardrobe a bit!

    1. I never find anything at Talbots but this time I did. I'm too short for their regular skirts and dresses but the petites clearance was pretty well stocked.

  2. I love outlet shopping but sometimes it can be pricier. You got some great finds.

    1. I agree! I found some cute stuff at JCrew but not for $80. I'm looking for a deal, not 20% off

  3. What a great haul! I love that first sweater. It is perfect for dressing up or casual.