Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday Confessions

I've been in training class the last few days and super busy at night this week. Needless to say, ye olde blog has gotten a little neglected. However, I LOVE Wednesday confessions and the blog hop and I have to fire off a one on my lunch.

Before we get started, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KEV!!!! I can't believe it's been 8 years. I really can't believe that someone could live with me and my... quirks for that long. :) LOVE YOU!

Confession - I don't like to take no for an answer. Some people might look at it as being aggressive, some people call it stubborn, I call it persistence. Case in point. I went to Earth Fair to get some meat and decided on a bacon wrapped, Greek marinated Turkey medallion skewer. (Yes, it's delicious)

Here's my convo with the Meat Counter Man:

Me - So how do I cook this?
MCM - There's instructions on the sticker.
Me - Cool
MCM - You can grill it.
Me - No Bueno, I don't work the grill by myself. Can I put it in the oven?
MCM - I guess.
Me - How long would I cook them?
MCM - Ehhhhh, until the juices run clear
Me - How long is that?
MCM - You should check it
Me - How long? In an hour, 5 minutes?
MCM - Check it often.
Me - What temperature should I cook it?
MCM - Until it reaches 165 degrees inside.
Me - OK, what should I set the oven to?
MCM - Medium
Me - MEDIUM? Set the oven to MEDIUM?
MCM - Or Medium High
Me - OK, to recap, I should set the OVEN to medium, leave them in there for an undetermined amount of time, anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour and check them periodically until the juices run clear, whenever that happens.
MCM - Looks scared and nods.

In my defense, I'm not trying to be aggressive, I just want instructions on how to cook the damn meat. You are wearing a white jacket and a paper hat, I assume you know more about meat than I do. I rely on your expertise to guide me towards a delicious meal that won't give me food poisoning. Is that really too much to ask???

Confession - I'm loud. I really don't think this is a confession to anyone who's ever met me. I'm not the shy quiet flower type. Kev swears that my voice carries at a different frequency than the rest of the population, that's why it stands out over everyone else. And I'm not sorry about it. I'm not sorry for being me.

Confession - I'm not really the "nurturing" type. Kev called me out on this after like our 4th date. Thankfully he didn't run away screaming afterwards. I care about the people and things I care about but I don't get upset by things happening in the world. It sucks and is terrible but I don't really have 'feelings" about them. If you've ever taken the Myers Briggs test, I'm a text-book ENTJ. Thinking over feeling, I just don't have the feels gene. Don't get me wrong, I can tear up with the best of them (OMG, when Clara answered the phone and it was #11?!?!?! So many feels, damn you Moffat.)
I also don't know what to do when people cry in front of me. I really don't. When I have to have tough conversations with people I bring a box of tissues so I can awkwardly push them across the table when someone starts to sob. I can try a one-armed hug but we're both going to feel worse afterwards. 

That's all for me today! Don't forget to head over to Fitness Blondie and Vodka and Soda for the blog hops!

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  1. Congrats on 8 year... that is quite a milestone!! And I LOVE your conversation with the meat counter man... he does not seem very helpful at all! I probably would have had a similar conversation with him if it had been me... except I probably would have been more passive aggressive because of his answers that weren't really answers lol

    1. I started laughing halfway through the conversation becase I couldn't believe what he was saying. I just wanted to cook some meat. Tell me 350 for 40 minutes even if it's a lie.

  2. Oh mercy - I'm loud too... I try to keep it down, but I can't control my voice, I've discovered :)

    1. I'm so loud. and I laugh loud. and everyone can hear me no matter where I am. I can't help it. :)

  3. I don't really "change" the level of my voice as I move through a room. So basically, I'll be talking to someone who is clear across the room and then I'll move eventually to be closer but STILL talking at the other level. I know it annoys folks but I honestly don't realize I'm doing it until they ask me to be more quiet. hahaha!


    1. Hahaha! Kev does that too and I'll have to tell him, "I'm right here".

  4. I'm not the nurturing/sympothetic type either and I never know what to do when someone cries in front of me. I'm like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, "there there, it's alright." Haha.

    1. Exactly! I just don't know what to do with myself. There, there? But I really don't mean it, I just say it because society says I should.

  5. Happy Anniversary! I can be pretty loud too, my husband has said that this is the main thing our girls have gotten from me lol. Be loud and proud :)

    1. Hahaha! Kev is pretty loud too, I can't imagine what our kids will be like. Probably loud and neurotic.

  6. Happy Anniversary! That poor meat counter guy was probably so confused. Probably doesn't even eat meat. Bwahaha!

    1. Thanks! I think he was confused. But it's a for real meat counter, not Target. He should know something about the meat he sells. :)

  7. Preach! I've been an ENTJ for years and don't see it changing, ever. If there's a grid on the personaility test, I'm in the upper left hand corner. If there's something that is red, that one is always me. I like me and I like being in charge, that's just never going to change. :)