Sunday, August 17, 2014

Scenes from the Weekend

I realized I hadn't done a "Scenes from the Weekend" in a while. Lucky you. Guess what, now you get one. 

Friday I was slogging through a bunch of compliance courses at work. Not really a bunch, just one, but in my defense, it was a looooong one. And there wasn't any audio, seriously, I had to read through the whole dang thing. I was bored. Bored Lara = work selfies. 

Kev had a few things to do after work so I headed to Costco. Paritally to get some snacks for work, because during the compliance course I was thinking about snacks and how I should have something other than a jar of peanut butter in my office. I was also a little hungry and thought there might be samples. There were, bacon. I had bacon samples at Costco and bought 8 pounds of butter, a 78 pound bag of broccoli and some beef jerky. (I might be off on the weights.)

It was pretty tasty! Now I have 32 pounds of it for my office, and the zombie appoccaplise. Then we headed over to Tasu in Brier Creek for some sushi. Kev recently started eating sushi and it's opened a WHOLE NEW WORLD for us. 

He really likes the Merry Roll, which is my favorite roll too. It's a California roll topped with chunks of tuna mixed with spicy mayo. So good, he's even gone to get it on his own. Crazy. Tasu is awesome because bogo sushi. Sushi always tastes better when one of them is free.

I posted the pictures of sushi on Instagram, beacuse that's how I roll, and I don't really know the blog vs Instagram posting rules. Like, are people pissed when they see a picture on Insta and then again on the blog? But seriously, I don't think all 5 of you really care, right? Any who, shameless plug, check me out on Instagram, because I kinda love it alot and can't stop posting there.

After dinner we headed over to Staples beacuse I needed a padfolio. What, you may ask is a "padfolio"? Well, it's one of those leather folder thingies where you can put a pad, your pen and there's a space for business cards and stuff. I've been using a plain old notebook to take notes for years but I noticed that all of the other managers in the meetings have nice leather folder thingies and I have a composition notebook. I fell prey to the peer pressutre and had to get me one. At least I went with a snazzy silver one instead of the boring black. I still had to keep it real.

And we stopped at Dairy Queen and I got a swirl soft-serve, it was delicious.

Saturday Kev had a thing to do all day so it was just me and Cleo. I was going to go to Body Pump at 10:10 but I was up early and decided to head out for a 4 mile run instead. I thought I would beat the humidity, nope. I ran my normal route and on the way back, noticed that a church was having a yard sale, so I took a detour and did a little browsing. I didn't have any money and people were looking at me like I was some sort of sweaty freak so I left and finished the rest of my run.

One of the great thing about my nromal route is that I park at Whole Foods, which means that I can eat Whole Foods breakfast bar. Which I did as well as get some water and Vega recovery powder. I got home, showered and Cleo and I had eggs and bacon. Then I realized I FORGOT COFFEE! Seriously, how do I forget coffee???

I had to remedy that pretty quickly so Cleo and I headed to the dog park with a stop at Deja Brew first. I like flavored coffee. I don't drink coffee beverages because milk and soy make me said and there are only 2 places in the entire Triangle that have almond milk lattes. And I don't like the junk in the flavor pumps. So flavor coffee with half and half is the way this gal rolls.

We had a lovely time at the park, Cleo ran around then sat in front of me staring and panting. Then she'd stick her head in the water bucket, rub her face in the dirt and stare at me some more.

Fine, we'll go home. 

I dropped Cleo off and decided that while Kev was away, to the mall I'd go. :)

First stop at Teavana where I got a strawberry something iced tea. I also learned that they discontinued my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE TEA. Berry Almond Amatetto is no more and I might have shed a small tear. I'm definitely a little bitter.

Oh my, 40% off at The Limited? WHAT???? (Calm down Kev) Super cute stuff for the fall but I just don't look good in button down shirts, I just don't. And I'm not getting them tailored. I just don't care enough.

Side note, I'm having a bit of a clothes crisis since starting the new job. I need to dress var more professionally than I have in the past and I have plenty of cute, one end of the business casual spectrum. In this job I need to be at the far other end. Meh. I want to be trendy but not dress like an old lady.

They just opened a Boston Proper and I kinda love that white lace tunic. It has gold and sparkles and I would wear it to Atlantic City and drink martinis and play slot machines.

I got home, Kev gor home and he wanted to watch the Steelers game. He called around to a few places and the Tilted Kilt said they had the game. For those of you who aren't familiar, the Tilted Kilt is Scottish Hooters. They just wear kilts instead of shorts. We get there and some random people greet us at the door and ask if we're here for the Lock and Key event, um, no. Inside the door is a billboard explaining that it's SPEED DATING. They give the guys keys and the ladies locks and something happens and maybe you get a date out of it. Kev thought I should sign up to talk to the single men so I would appreciate what a catch he is and how I should be thankful that I don't have to date anymore.

Anyway, they weren't playing the game but we learned that they apparently really want to be a Steelers bar. Le Sigh, it looks like there's more Scottish Hooters in my future if I want to watch a game this season. 

Since there wasn't any good football, we went on up to the Village Grill at Layfayette Village. I had some yummy Kinky vodka and Soda and the Mussels. Yum. I'd never had Kinky Vodka and it's some passion fruit infused boozy awesomeness.

Sunday was food prep, grocery and laundry day and I headed back to Deja Brew for my coffee since it's close to Trader Joes.

Hit the usual spots, Trader Joes, Fresh Market and Target, and made it home in time to change and get to Body Pump.

Got home, gave Cleo a bath and me a shower and it was off to NCSU to talk to the President and VP-Standards about their plans for mixers and date parties this semester. There were a few changes this year and we needed to start planning. We had a long talk about how freshmen couldn't control themselves at their first few parties and how they can mitigate the risk. Oh freshmen...

Back home and I decided to make PaleOMGs Italian meatloaf. So, as I was making the meatloaf, I had to chop up peppers and onions. I'm lazy and all my stuff is in big chunks. I kept thinking about Eddie Murphy Raw, where he wants a McDonalds hamburger and his mama says she isn't going to pay for McDonalds, she'll make a burger that's better than McDonalds. Get her the chopped meat, a green pepper, the onion and an egg. She chopped it all in big pieces, fried up the burger and put it on some Wonder Bread. He was crying beacause the kids were calling it a welfare green pepper burger.

I made a welfare green pepper burger, except it was an entire meatloaf, and it was delicious. If you like meatloaf, go make this and eat it.

That's pretty much it! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Where do you shop for work clothes?
Ever heard of Kinky vodka?
Eddie Murphy, Raw, tell me I'm not the only one who can quote it word for word.

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  1. Ugh, compliance hours, no fun at all. I hate when I have to do them at work.

    I love bodypump, such a great class.

    Your food looks delish! Have a great week.

    1. Thanks! I love Body Pump too. I just wish my gym had it on days other than the weekend!

  2. So pretty even when you are bored! :) Please tell me you bought the navy with white polka dot top! Love it! Sounds like a good weekend!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

    1. Awww, thanks! You're too nice. The polka dot was actually a dress, but you can kinda see the blush and black striped blouse hiding on the left. It's mine now. :)

  3. That is a great idea to end your run at Whole Foods! Although it could be dangerous too! I love the Loft for work clothes, although sometimes they are hit or miss. Have a great week!

  4. aww Cleo is too cute! Sounds like a fantastic weekend!

    1. Thanks! She is cute but stubborn. As least she's clean now and doesn't smell like dog park. :)

  5. I loe the Limited. when I was heavier, I couldn't fit into their clothes and now that I can again, it's one of my favorite places. And I love the silver notepad cover, I was so glad to see there was an option other than black!

  6. Boo to the boring work trainings. Have you checked out the Loft, they have a lot of cute work type clothes. I am really craving coffee now, wonder why. ;)

    1. Luckily (or maybe not) the Limited and Loft are right next to each other :) It just seemed like the last few seasons they've been a little more casual, and I haven't seen anything there in a while, which is really odd for me.

  7. I love Costco but I can get carried away there. There are only 2 of us in the house so all the family size stuff gets expensive because we always want to buy everything when we r there.

    I like the silver padfolio, that is coolio.

    I used to always buy work clothes at the Limited but we went to being allowed to wear jeans and now I rarely wear business attire.

    1. There are only 2 of us too and I know we don't need that jumbo size but I just love it there. That's why I have to eat my way through 4 pounds of broccoli. :)