Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2014 Recap: Jan - March

Happy Wednesday everyone! Are you ready for Christmas? Me, still not so much. Last night was the first night of Hanukkah and we did the exchanging of gifts. Kev got me this awesome bracelet that I'd seen at a store in Pittsburgh but he was able to find it at Helzburg. I love it. #firstnight

Alright, on to the post. I've seen a lot of year end recap posts and love reading them, I figured, why not? Since I didn't start this blog until June, I have a few months what I'll have to rely on my handy phone to remind me what we did.

January - We were actually in town for New Years and we decided to go downtown for the celebration. In Raleigh we drop a giant lit acorn. I'm assuming because we're the "City of Oaks" or some business.

Most of January was uneventful but at the end of January I traveled to Chicago for Kappa Delta's National Leadership Academy. Every year KD has some sort of event for collegians. In odd years it's National Convention and even years its NCTA. The entire council attends as well as one of their Advisors and it's such a great experience for the new council. In June it's time for convention again and we're off to Orlando!

Had my first Chicago Style Pizza. It was actually really good! I was expecting not to like it but it was delicious. Kev is a hard core NY pizza fan and he thinks this is a meat and cheese casserole. I don't care, it was delicious. 

We walked over to the sliver bean and took pictures. On the way we were harassed by a homeless man and I really thought I was going to have to pull out my Northern attitude and tell him off. Thankfully he wandered away.  My poor Southern girls had no idea what to to, vagrants don't randomly curse at you here in North Carolina.

Me at the bean

February - I don't remember much about February but here in Raleigh we had Snomegeddon.  It snowed 3 times in February which basically shuts down the city. One day it started snowing at noon and about 3 inches fell in an hour which crippled the city. It took me an hour to get out of the complex I worked in and another hour to get home. It was honestly my worst nightmare, being stuck in a car and not able to pee. I was getting a little frantic by the end.

This is not a photoshopped picture. No lie, this is exit 4 off 540 on the same day. People in NC just can't handle the snow.

I also ran the Shamrock and Run 5k sponsored by the UNC - Chapel Hill KD Chapter. It's a hilly course but the shirt is nice and I'm supporting UNC's Shamrock Project. 

I made tutus for the first time ever for and while I didn't run in mine, I certainly sported it for the pictures afterward.  Fun story, that tutu is still in the trunk of my car. I guess I know where it is when I need it next year.

In February I also successfully completed the 21 day Sugar detox. Not gonna lie, it wasn't easy but it definitely reset my taste buds and I broke free of my artificial sweetener habit. I'm already allergic to aspartame but was guzzling Splenda like crazy. I'm really proud to say that 10 months later I'm still going strong and haven't caved! I'd rather have a but of real sugar than use artificial stuff that's probably going to hurt me.

March - Most of March I was training for half marathon #3, Tobacco Road. It was my comeback race after spending most of 2013 injured and unable to run (it stunk). Handy tip from Lara - 21 day sugar detox and long runs don't mix. There were several times I was trudging though my runs because I wasn't properly fueled. Wait until after the race to drop the sugar. #themoreyouknow

It wasn't the race I wanted to have but it was exactly what I was capable of doing at that time. I was running with a group from Fleet Feet and went out with the run / walk people. For the race I ran 10 minutes and walk 1 which was a step back from the 2012 Skinny Turkey where I only walked twice the entire race.  I was my worst time to date but I was happy to actually be able to run again.

In addition, I was fighting a terrible cold that week. I was horribly congested and drugged up on nasal spray and cough medicine. I went to Walgreens as asked for medicine that would clear me out for 2:30-3 hours and they gave me some awesome nasal spray. 

In March I was also introduced to doTerra essential oils and I have to say, they've made a huge improvement in my life. I can sing the praises of oils all day long. 

And finally we celebrated Kev's birthday with some friends at Sullivan's and a giant plate of dessert!

I'm sure I missed some things but that was the first quarter in a nutshell!

What about you, what did you do the first part of this year?
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  1. First part of this year? UHM - Stuff? Man - I would have to go through my posts to really remember. A lot of this year was spent wedding planning. HAHAHA!!!!

    I just signed up for a Half marathon - Advice?

    1. Good luck on your first half! Best advice is to find a training plan and stick to it. It's all the training runs what will get you ready on the big day!

  2. OH lord that snow storm was crazy! I am hoping not to experience that again this year!

  3. I used the same picture of the snow storm in a post :) I'm so glad that I don't have to deal with snow's suppose to be in the 70s next week!! Sounds like a pretty great start to your year last year. I like doing these posts because it's nice to look back on all that happened.

    1. Hahaha! I remember driving, well crawling past that exit on my way home and seeing the burning car and people milling around. I so wanted to stop for a picture but knew I'd have to walk home if I did.

  4. It was crazy last year! I hope we don't have a repeat this January!

  5. My goodness I am not even sure I could remember. The tutu looks so cute, though I agree probably not comfortable to run in.

    1. I need all the stars and moons to align for me to have a good run, I can't have anything hanging or in my way. Although I did run in a cape for Halloween and that was pretty awesome.

  6. Oh that snow and the accidents look awful! i grew up outside of Chicago, so love that you saw the Bean, but yeah I don't miss the snow or cold anymore. Chicago deep dish pizza is so good! So glad you are recapping with us

    1. I grew up outside of Pittsburgh and have been in the south for 9 years. I don't miss any of the snow either. And that deep dish pizza was fantastic!