Friday, December 19, 2014

Five Thing Friday - Christmas Ornament Edition

We finally put up the tree and decorated last night FINALLY. After we got the tree up I realized that my decision to take the next to the last tree in that price point at Home Depot may not have been the best decision. Any time you say, "F it, this tree is fine", there's probably a better option. Regardless, even though it's a little small, it's still going to be festive, dammit.

After we put the lights on Kev said, "Let's do the ornaments first then fill in with the balls." I looked at him with horror ad said "the balls go on first, the balls go on first." He then said, "Don't you get all Rain Man on me, let's try something different because the tree is smaller."

No no no. The tree is decorated in an order. Lights go on first, then the garland. But my garland died last year and I forgot to get new. Next are the balls, small balls on top and bigger balls on the bottom. Then comes the ornaments. Last (if you're my mother) are the icicles. There's an order to the tree and yes it's the way we did it growing up put it makes sense.

There is nothing I hate more in the Christmas world than icicles. They're a pain in the a$$ to put on the tree, they stick on your clothes, you find them months later and the WORST WORST is when the cat eats them and you find a strand coming out their butt. Nope nope nope. 

Every year I begged my mom to not put the dang icicles on the tree. She said that when I grew up I could not have icicles on my own tree and I don't.

HOWEVER, every year Kev asks for icicles. He says they're beautiful and festive. I think he wants them because he knows I hate them. And he's Jewish, it's not like he grew up with icicle covered trees and wants to reminisce. I offered to hang icicles off the menorah but that -ish is super flammable. 

I thought for my 5 things it would be cool to show you my 5 favorite Christmas ornaments. When I moved out my mom gave me all the ornaments that I'd accumulated over the years. I have almost a tree's worth of ornaments on my own and every year I get Kev the new Hallmark Star Trek ornament. So, here are my favs!

1. Kev got me this KD ornament last year and I love it. My favorite part is the crest. I love that the designers gave it a go even though it's not really accurate. I know what it's supposed to be and it's awesome.

2. I'm pretty sure I got this sheep ornament from my aunt who used to sell Avon. She passed away some time ago and I always think of her when I put this one on the tree. He's a little bell and the sheepy feet are the clapper. Love it.

3. This one is a crocheted bell from another aunt who has also since passed away. It's so delicate and beautiful. I keep it in a special box stuffed with tissue paper so it keeps its shape. 

4. I'm continuing on a sappy thread but I think one of the great things about the Holidays is how you can look back on the past ones and remember all the great times you had and think about the people you had them with. 

Over the years my mom has made me a lot of ornaments but this one is my favorite. She made it out of shrinky dinks and painted a picture of the cat I had growing up. She passed away a long time ago but I'll always have her on my tree. 

5. On a lighter note, this cow is one of my all time favorite ornaments. He moos Deck the Halls but it might be the most bored Moo I've ever heard. It makes me laugh every time I hear it and I'm going to be so sad when the battery finally dies.

I asked Kev what his favorite ornament was and he said the star. It's glittery and every year it's his job to put it on the tree,

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Which ornament is your favorite??


  1. Sparkle poops, too funny!

    Your ornaments are so pretty. Not sure I told you, but I went to Longwood College/University which has the alpha chapter of KD. I wasn't in a sorority but knew many of the girls! That ornament is super pretty!

    1. No way! My freshman year I went to school in VA and visited Longwood once. I remember it being beautiful and at the time I had no idea that the next year I would transfer and join a sorority founded there!

  2. Oh my gosh - icicles... that made me smile. My mom would complain about them every year but let me use them :)

  3. Cute ornaments. I always just called it tinsel. Man that stuff would drive me batty on a tree as well!

    1. Thanks! I HATE it so, so much. I thought the tree was so beautiful until we covered it with the icicles. Then taking it off was even more of a pain. :)

  4. I used to love icicles and only stopped last year, they do make a mess. The cow ornament is so cute!!

    1. I love the cow so much, it's my favorite. I can't stand the icicles, even as a kid I would beg my mom not to put them on my quadrant of the tree. Nope.