Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas!

How is everyone? I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas /Hanukkah / Kwanza. I took a little blogging break over the last week while I got caught up on a few tings but don't fret, I have PLENTY to talk about.

Let's chat a bit about last week. Since I just started a new job a few weeks ago, we didn't have plans to go any where, it was going to be a nice relaxing time here with the two of us.

A few thoughts about working over the holidays, it's the least productive time of the year. I manage sales people and lets be honest, you aren't selling anything this last week. You'd best have made your quota on December 19th because nothing is happening right now.

They did some work on Monday and Tuesday and on Christmas Day they sat around wondering when they'd get to go home. I had one lady pitch a fit about having to work. Look honey, if you wanted to be off, you should have saved some PTO and planned accordingly. mkay?

I got tired of listening to them complain and let them go around 1:30.  Instead of going home I made a quick trip to Target. Target on Christmas Eve, shoot me. It's nothing but dads and over-stimulated kids wandering around aimlessly. The kids know what's coming tomorrow, they can't control themselves. I navigated though the mess, grabbed a few last minute things and headed home to wrap Kev's presents.

After wrapping we decided to go to Flemming's for some $6 appetizers. 5 for 6 til 7 is a glorious thing. It also started about 36 hours of gluttony for me. I had the calamari app and the fried food didn't give me a stomach ache. It was a Christmas miracle. I'm sure all the Christmas cookies soaked up the fried goodness in my belly.

Before we knew it, Christmas morning! Kev did a great job with my gifts. I might have done a little returning but I really love all my presents.

So, this kinda started as a HP Chromebook. I'd been asking for a white on white Chromebook for a while, so I could do all my blogging and KD stuff instead of using Kev's. Well, since I started my new job I can really use my laptop for whatever I want and it doesn't make any sense to have another laptop device. I just didn't decide that until 2 days before Christmas. Ooops.

Over the weekend we returned the Chromebook and went to the outlet mall to scope out the Coach and Michael Kors stores. Michael pulled through AND I got a 20% off coupon from the Tanger Outlet Customer Service. It brought it down to less than the laptop we returned so it's a win win for me. 

Kev also got me 2 ten pound kettle bells. I actually needed something a little heavier and I traded them in for one 25 pounder and some snazzy weight gloves. Now I need to search Pinterest for kettle bell exercises. I know I can squat with it and that's about it. 

He also hooked me up with some gold ball earrings. I've been a strictly white gold gal for YEARS, I mean YEARS. These might actually be the first piece of yellow gold he's ever bought me in 10+ years together. I seriously love them though. I love ball stud earrings and I didn't have anything gold.

I am soooo in love with this apple cider tea from Tevana and I was really nervous about what was going to happen when they discontinued it in the Spring. Thankfully Kev got me more than enough to tide me over.

Fun fact. If you go to Tevana the day after Christmas ALL the seasonal teas are 50% off. Don't tell you husband who paid full price a few days prior. Next year we're going to get a gift card and buy 2x as much tea. 

After opening presents we watched 50 years of WWE on Netflix. Why? Because nothing says Christmas like men wrestling in tights. It was a really good documentary, I highly recommend it!

Then it was time for brunch. We had 1pm reservations at Herrons, which is the restaurant at the Umstead hotel. It's uber fancy so we got dressed up.

I ordered the omelet of the day and Kev had the french toast. I would have taken a picture but it was a little too fancy to pull out my phone. The food was amazing, really fantastic. The service, surprisingly, not so much. It was just a few little things that threw it off. They didn't bring cream for the coffee and never came back with the butter for my biscuits. Usually in fancy places they're a lot better on the service side of things. It was just kinda odd. We'll probably go back one day but there are a lot of other places I'd eat at before going back. 

After brunch we went home and took Cleo for a walk before heading over to a friend's house for Christmas dinner.

I contributed a cookie tray.

We had a great time with some friends and their family. We're so fortunate to have friends who would invite us into their home for Christmas dinner. It was a great evening and over far too soon.

Before we knew it, time to head home and get ready for work! Christmas Day was fantastic and I was sad to see it end.

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How was your Christmas Day??


  1. I had to work on Christmas Eve and I actually don't mind because it's so quiet I do other things LOL!! I love the new purse you got - so pretty and kettle bell workouts are just the best!! Happy Monday girl! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

    1. Thanks! Happy Monday to you too. It's another sort week but I swear I need to be productive. :)

  2. The new purse is gorgeous, totally worth the exchange. There are so many exercise you can do with a kettle bell. I have been a tea junkie so I'll have to see if I can find that tea around here.

    1. The tea is AMAZING. I'm a little sad that Tevana is now part of Starbucks but happy that i can earn rewards there too. The White Chocolate peppermint is fantastic as well. :)

  3. Loving your christmas presents… love the purse! Totally worth the exchange!!! Good to know about Teavana--- i'm a tea person myself!!

    XO sarita it's my girls' world

    1. I loooove Tevana and now that Starbucks is carrying their teas, I expect I'll be there more often.

  4. Loving that new purse, but most of all those earrings! Totally agree with working the end of December through January first...completely pointless. ;)

    1. Thanks! I really love the earrings too. I realized I have an unhealthy love of circles. All of my jewelry is circles or balls. I can;t help myself.

  5. Love that bag and those earrings look fabulous! Sounds like a good Christmas! Working during the week after Christmas is awful!

    1. I agree! We got NOTHING accomplished in December. Really after the 19th it was just a big waste of time.