Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Day in the Life

Oh Hey, it's Lara, so glad you aren't dead in a ditch somewhere. Yea, great intentions ti blog have gone completely out the window. New job is super busy and this was the first month I was responsible for grading the KD division 5 financial reports. It took me a while but hopefully I'll get faster at them instead of cramming them all in at the last minute. Who am I joking, I'll still cram them all in at the last minute.

I've seen a few of these and I thought it would be fun to do a day in the life. I don;t know that anyone cares about my daily travels but I'm strange and like reading the ones other people do, so here goes! #adayinthelife

6:30am - Alarm goes off, hit snooze

6:40 - Alarm goes off again, drag self out of bed and to the bathroom.

6:42 - Stand in the closet and try to decide what to wear. Wonder for the second day in a row where the heck my black flats are. Look under the bed, SUCCESS!

6:44 - Give myself a mental pat on the back for 1. remembering that trouser socks exist and 2. locating a pair to wear so my feet won't freeze today.

6:45 - Gather everything and take it into the bathroom. Check email and FB while doing my hair and make-up.

7:05 - Emerge from the bedroom and step over the dog who's sleeping in front of the door. (Awwww). Let the dog out, let the cats out of the garage (they were screaming at the bedroom door last night trying to get in). Feel a little bad as the cats run to the water bowl and drink like they've just emerged from the desert.

7:10 - Feed cats, make sure the dog peed, untangle the dog, who's wrapped herself around a tree. Give dog a treat for peeing. The dog wants more treats, no. Realize I don;t have any breakfast food in the house, decide to call in an order to the Brunch Box. Find an apple and some cheese, perhaps Brunch Box for lunch as well.

7:35 - Leave the house and head to Breugger's for my coffee. Drive to work.

7:45 - Remember to call and order Breakfast

8:00 -  Pick up breakfast, head to the office.

8:15 - Get to office, immediately have a conversation with my boss regarding the selection of cubes. The sales team is moving to the other side of the building and we need a way to determine who gets which. Several of us think we should do it like homesteaders got their land in the 1800s. Everyone gets a flag and runs to the cube they want and stakes their flag. As crazy as he is, my boss has a few concerns over this plan. I think it's doable.

8:25 - Check e-mail, eat half my omlette

8:45 - Start this post and hope that I rememebr everything that's happened this morning.

9:15 - Hiring planing meeting with the recruiter. BTW, we're hiring like crazy for sales people. Know anyone?

10:00 - Check e-mail, figure out how to return 2 items. More e-mails and stuff.

10:45 - PB and toast snack with tea snack

11:00 - Side by Side with one of my employees

12:15 - Other managers asks if I want to go to lunch. I didn't bring lunch so sure, but I HAVE to stop at the post office.

12:30 -  Neomonde for lunch, No picture because I'm still too new and it would be strange.

1:40 - Back from lunch and Post Office. Make more tea, it's fricking cold

2:00 - Meeting with Scottish manager man. Next time he;s bringing his kilt, Awesome

3:00 - Interview someone for Sales Associate position. Debrief with my manager, I liked the kid, he's a good egg.

4:00 - Hungry, I have a cheese and meat snack that I brought. Lament only getting 1 chicken kabob for lunch. It was like 2oz of meat.

4:30 - Send some e-mails. Debate going to the gym, think of how no cookies are made and the house isn't decorated. Running out of days in December/

5:15 - Leave work, immediately stuck in traffic because it's raining and people are scared. Sigh

6:00 - Stop at Kroger for peanut butter, powdered sugar and foil. Yes, it's cookie baking season.

Yay for locally sourced.. foil?

6:15 - Get home, take Cleo to pee in the rain. Thankfully she actually pees. When it thunders that dog has been known to hold it for 18 hours.

6:25 - YAY, package from Very Jane, it's my new fleece tunic from White Plum!

Annnnnd it's about 5 sizes too big. That folks is the Med/large. I would NEVER order the XS/Small option and with any other company I would expect this to fit. I'm really kinda cranky. I just spent $7 to send back 2 White Plum shirts that were enormous and now this is going back too. I'm out shipping both ways for 2 items and I'm more than a little cranky.

6:30 - I'm going to eat my face. Time to try out my new spiralizer.

I got a little carried away but I swear this is my new favorite thing. It was an Amazon deal a few weeks ago for $20. I'm so happy.

7:00 - Cookie baking time! I'm running late with my baking, like really behind. I have a crap-ton to make and I've only done 2 kinds, well, except for the sun butter cookies that turned green but that's another story.

These are quite labor intensive, roll dough into balls, roll out balls, spoon filling, roll up and bake for 20 minutes. This is a once a year thing.

9:00 - Kev gets home from a meeting and it's time for a shower.

9:30 - Try to stay awake on the couch watching People's Court

10:30 - Fall asleep on the couch

11:00 - Wake up and go to bed

And that friends, was my exciting day, what about you?

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  1. People's court? or People's Couch? I am obsessed with People's Couch. Like obsessed! People's court? I haven't watched since 1975. Judge Wabner forever! :)
    I love the idea of staking claim of the cubicles. Video it if it happens :)

    1. People's Court. :) Judge Marilyn Milian is my girl. Love it so much

  2. I think they should all fight for their cube too. Hunger games style. Haha! Sounds like a busy day. I always get excited to use my spiralizer.

  3. I love this type of post ...I may steal it from ya ;) sounds like a busy but productive day. and I so want the spiral thing it looks awesome!

  4. Lol. I love my couch and Netflix, I definitely have those days too!