Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Recap, October - December

You know what, the best part about waiting until the very last day to recap a year means that you get every last bit of  yearly goodness out before you write a post. #notlateitsastrategy

I hope everyone is gearing up for a happy and safe New Years Eve! I'm pretty sure we'll be sending folks home early today but the CEO is in the office and I'm not sure how festive he's feeling today. Regardless, we have party plans and I have a bottle of bubbly chilling in the fridge. I should probably make some sort of app to share as well. Crap, should have thought about that earlier. Thankfully I always have something on hand. Any who...

On to the recap!

October - Kev and I took a much needed northern trip to NYC and Atlantic City. It was during that trip that a company I interviewed with back in May started blowing up my phone. I think the Director of Sales called me 8 times one day when I had crap reception in the casino.

Kev went to his happy place.

I ran the Monster Dash 5k dressed as Darth Vader and realized you should never chug a protein shake before an unseasonably hot race. 

I went to the Junior League Shopping Spree, which is one of my favorite events. Picked up a lot of goodies there. :) I called off from work that day because I'd accepted the position at the other company and I felt guilty going in and looking at my team knowing I was giving my notice the following Monday.

November - I gave my notice at the bank and they told me I could go home. Since I gave a 2 weeks notice and they chose not to accept it, they had to pay me. :) I got a week off and started my new job a week early. Yay for working on job and being paid twice.

I voted because you should.

Kev got me an early Birthday present which may go down as the BEST PRESENT EVER. Drinking a cup of Breugger's coffee right now. #gonnamakebackmymoneybyfebruary

This isn't particularly interesting but I have to re post the worst picture ever taken of my dog. She looks like she's mentally challenged but I swear she isn't. Even dogs take bad pictures.

I started (another) new job! BTW, my Skittles bowl is empty.

I told a tale of the horrible injustice committed against me. The story of the mincemeat cookies.

UPDATE -  After the story posted one of my cousins messaged me and said he remembered his mom, (my Grandma's sister) making mincemeat cookies! I told my mom and she admitted that she remembered eating and not liking them. WHAT?!? I made a batch of mincemeat cookies and took them home over Thanksgiving for my mom and Grandma to eat. They won't tell me if the delicious taste jogged their memory but now I've been vindicated. The cookies DID exist and we ate them. HA!

Happy Birthday to me!

Kev and I drove up to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving and we did a little Black Friday shopping. He bought a machete.

We also had tickets to the Steelers game and watched them get beat by the Saints. Sigh.... One of the 5 losses this season and that was the one we saw.

Did a lot of nostalgic things, had dinner with the family, met up with my brother and reconnected with an old friend. It was a good trip.

We got home from the trip to a giant box from my mother in law. She sent me Birthday Skittles. I'm set for a while. Yay!

December - The cookie baking extravaganza started and I discovered that when you use Sunbutter instead off peanut butter, your cookies turn green on the inside. 

I took some time off from blogging and everything else and finally got my decorations up 10 days before Christmas.

We celebrated Hanukkah.

I didn't talk about it but I participated in an annual 12 baker / 12 dozen cookie exchange. Unfortunately I was sick and had to send Kev in my place. Every year I tell the story of the mincemeat cookies and Kev teased them with an update. He told them that I tell the story better and they have to wait until next year to get the scoop.

We had a wonderful Christmas and shared dinner with some friends.

And that concluded my 2014 recap! Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2015! See you in the new year!

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  1. Don't you love feeling vindicated!!!
    I was disappointed - I didn't get Google telling me happy birthday yesterday!! No fair

  2. i love that you ran the race in darth vader gear!!! happy new year; may 2015 bring even more amazing things your way :)

    1. THANK YOU! The costume was a list minute decision. I had a Tardis dress ready to go but it was unseasonably warm and I wanted less clothes.

  3. Darth Vader gear, too fun! The 2 weeks notice is that a local law or federal? That big box of skittles is a great gift!!

    1. Hmmmm I'm not sure. I was really surprised to hear that they had to pay me, it might just be a NC thing.