Friday, December 12, 2014

Five Thing Friday!

I swear I'm coming back! I might be typing this post at 830am but I swear it's all thought out in my head, now to get it on screen.

I love lists, we all know that, and who doesn't love the holiday season? Here are 5  holiday things that are happening right now!

1. I don't have a single decoration up at my house right now. Nope, not a single one. I have been talking about getting them out and ready since before we left for Thanksgiving. I decided not before we left because 1. I ran out of time and 2. my cat is an asshole and likes to pee on things. I'd rather not give him free pee reign on all my Christmas decorations. (I've taken him to the vet and $300 later the diagnosis is "he's a jerk") They are still in the attic.

2. I asked Kev if we could be Jewish this year. Before you get your panties in a bunch Kev's Jewish so it's not even an odd request. Think about it, you take the menorah out of the box and set it on the table. THAT'S ALL THE DECORATING. Then you put it back in the box. He said I would be sad on Christmas morning. Maybe...

3. When I finally do get that -ish up it's going to be up for a while. I'm not one of those take it down on the 26th people. Every year my Mom left the decorations up until the 7th of January to celebrate Serbian Christmas. We aren't Serbian, I don't know any Serbians but we apparent;y honor the traditions of the old ways.

4. Every year I bake a crap ton of cookies except this year I'm really behind, like really, really behind. On the 20th I go to a 13 person cookie swap where we each make 12 dozen cookies and each dozen is individually wrapped. I make pizzele every year, tried to make another cookie 2 years ago and it didn't go over well. Needless to say, me and my press are going to be making 2 cookies at a time all weekend.

For real, mine look just like that.

5. I made 2 batches of peanut butter Hershey kiss cookies because I love them. But instead I used sun nut butter because I didn't have a full jar of PB. 7 jars of nut butter but not plain old PB. I figured crunchy PB with chia seeds would make a nasty cookie. I discovered that when you press the kisses into the cookie, the compression of the cookie dough turns green. GREEN!

So pretty on the outside

 This doesn't do it justice, it's MUCH greener than that. Friends with peanut allergies said that happens to them too. They're fine to eat, I tasted one and it was delightful but I can't give them to anyone! I can't pass them out to my employees and forever be known as the lady who gave green cookies. I pulled all the kisses off and trashed both batches. Annnnd I'm even more behind than I was before.

Here's the thing, I'm not going to stress about it. I just ordered a bunch of stuff on-line and it's being shipped to the house. I don't feel guilty that I didn't brave the mall and look in store after store to find the right shirt. Nope. Found what I needed on Amazon and got free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Tell me I'm not the only one this far behind.

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  1. i am all finished with my shopping and there was no way in heck i would go to a mall.. online is the best. however, this is the first year i have ever been done before the 24th, so.... lol.
    i took my tree down on christmas evening last year, and the year before. i'm not so good with christmas, i miss my family and as soon as it's acceptable to take it down, that sucker goes back in the box.

  2. I feel like I am behind in my decorating but all my shopping is done. The mall is just not happening for me, I would probably break out in hives.

  3. This is the furthest behind I've ever been and I feel like I took the easy way out by getting a bunch of gift cards instead of actually shopping. :(